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Reed Davenport is a board member of family owned Crude Technologies—the world’s foremost company in oil spill cleanup with three fleets around the globe. He lives to make a difference, and is always trying to find a balance between man and nature, while fighting for both. But that balance can be hard to find when splitting his life between the oil spill giant and his sanctuary, created for threatened and misunderstood animals. 

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Pinnacle Award winner for Thriller.

Exiled to the remote mountains of Northern Syria, Kalib Akmalit has waited a full year, planning and biding his time for avenging his brother’s death, a dark family past, and the downfall of Corporate Affairs–the company that made millions legally throughout the globe, but billions in the dark world of the slave market. Akmalit’s deep-seated hatred is directed at the Davenports, the family solely responsible and owners of Crude Technologies—-the world’s foremost company in oil spill cleanup with three fleets around the globe. But this seething hatred has been hidden for years, festering, until the recent incursion into Corporate Affairs and the loss of his brother. Now the tactician unleashes his plan of redemption, and to permanently sever the long lasting—and volatile—relationship of two families.

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Black Tide

Pinnacle Award winner for Adventure

This is part three of the award winning Davenport Series, and in this riveting book Reed Davenport and True John stumble across a mysterious black torpedo while cleaning an oil spill off the Washington State coast. Carried by the tide in an island of floating kelp, this weapon then explodes mysteriously, killing two Coast Guardsmen sent to keep an eye on it. It’s later discovered the two were murdered, and this was no accident. As the mystery deepens, and with each revelation, Reed and TJ find themselves in a race against time, when they learn the Nazi-built torpedo was the first bioweapon of its kind, and someone intends to make sure the original mission gets completed. Now it’s up to Reed, and TJ to stop the responsible party, and also the potential outbreak—an outbreak of the original black plague strain that killed three quarters of the European population back in the mid-thirteen hundreds.

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Black Dawn

Reviewed by US Review of Books, Black Dawn is a continuation of the award winning Davenport series, and picks up where Black Tide left off. In a race against time, Tom Spears is tracking his wife’s kidnapper from Washington State, to New York. Six days later, he finally catches up with them. A battle to save her ensues, and it’s there Tom begins to understand who’s responsible when he confronts a professional killer from Tom’s dark and ominous past—a past that began with the loss of his family, and then later unfolded into a whole new and unimaginable life working for the New York mob. His name is Bishop Styles. Efficient and deadly, he is known as the Duke of killers, and the confrontation launches Tom on a crusade for vengeance. He declares war on all involved, and a trail of dead bodies soon follows. This takes Spears, alias the Shadow, to northern New York and the Debar mountain range—a remote, inhospitable region, where the crime syndicate operates its illegal grow fields. And while there, he stumbles onto a whole new mystery—a tragedy that will tear at his very soul, and take him in an unexpected direction that will further diminish his chances of survival…

Safe Passage


A finalist for the 2020 Eric Hoffer Book Award, Safe Passage is a thrilling, heart-pounding , continuation of the Pinnacle Award winning Davenport series.

Leaders in the cleaning of the world’s oceans, Crude Technologies has been called in to contain an oil slick from a Nigerian tanker—presumed sunk—in the Arctic Ocean. This sends Reed Davenport and True John to that remote and inhospitable part of the world. On board the ocean tug Freelance, they are to meet up with the skimmer Goliath already on site. But when they arrive, the skimmer is nowhere to be found. Adding to the mystery, this area has been plagued with the recent demise of more than a dozen ships. A harrowing journey ensues for Reed and TJ when they are attacked, and to unravel the enigmatic and deadly plot they will be pushed to their very limits. To succeed will require determination, cunning, and a will to survive in one of the world’s harshest climates.

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Storm Warning

Recommended by US Review of Books, Storm Warning is a continuation of the Pinnacle Award winning Davenport series. In this book, the Rickter Plague has descended onto the world, wiping out populations across the globe. Civilizations are no more. Some people are naturally immune. Most are not. A serum is on every survivors mind. But without laws or the ability to enforce them, the lawless have also descended onto the world. Some have even planned for it. Before unleashing the plague, Stan Rickter had purchased several properties—outposts—all across the United States. These staging areas, like the abandoned Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital in New York State and the Seaside Sanatorium on the Connecticut coast, would be the starting points for a new world controlled by his extremists.

 Guided by a manifesto, and with the dollar value all but decimated, these rebels have established trade markets. Nothing is off limits. As their growth grows, they continue to acquire more resources and properties. One, though, they don’t have, but very much want. The grow fields—once controlled by the New York Syndicate for decades and hidden in the rugged Debar Mountain range—has produced billions in revenue in growing illegal drugs over that span. It would also be a key piece of revenue in the future, given the state of the world and its lack of replenishable medicines. Maria Kaylor knows this too. The sixteen year old is in charge of the grow fields, her knowledge of growing the illicit drugs unmatched, and her clever mind, unprecedented. 

To acquire the coveted property, Mel Belegore, one of Rickter’s extremist’s, will do anything, including kill, to get what he wants. A battle ensues: Maria and her ragtag group against a powerful juggernaut with extensive resources, including men, guns, ammunition, and even helicopters. This will bring Tom Spears, her father, an assassin known as the Shadow, out of retirement to find her. He has one goal and cares little about who gets in his way.