Author Brett Diffley’s vast experience in life has certainly led him to write some of the most fascinating adventure tales of all time. Having been born in Anchorage, Alaska, and raised in Tri-Cities, Washington, USA, Diffley cements his wisdom in the numerous adventures that he has faced himself —- from being a fixed-wing pilot, commercial helicopter pilot, and flight instructor, to being a commercial diver, professional dog trainer for retrievers, commercial fisherman, and self-employed entrepreneur, this man has done it all! And why not? A firm believer of making dreams happen and an advocate of chasing after life’s wonders, Diffley emanates inspiration and perseverance, and all these are evident in the way he creates and tells his stories.

Indeed, he has taken advantage of the best of what he has gone through and topped them all with the creative juices of his imagination. Comes forth now are the fruits of Diffley’s expertise — his novels, among which are Safe Passage, Black Tide, and Perfect Plan.

Brett Diffley is one author who does not limit himself to a particular breed of writing; he explores, he thinks, he journeys. A major and common takeaway from all his writing, however, is that he makes you feel — a rare combination for an exquisite feat.

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