Humans as we are, we always have this urge to feed our curiosity. We begin to seek other’s opinions on things. And we can relate this to our love for books. People will always be interested on how you think about the book, they want to know what you can say – more so, they will need your opinion. Regardless if you liked the book or not, just give them your honest feedback in details. This then gives people the idea what the book is all about, what to expect if they still pursue on reading it or, gives them the time to look for other books that may suit their preference.

To help people decide and to help you as well provide detailed and thorough feedback, allow me to share to you some tips on how you can write a smashing review of the latest book you have read:

1. Describe what the book is all about.

First, it is very important to note whether a book has a sequel, or it is part of a series. Then, describe what the book is all about without revealing any scenes in the story. It is a general rule not to mention anything that happened on the middle part of the book. Neither should you give any spoilers nor reveal any plot twists.

2. Discuss what you liked about the book.

For this part right here, here are some questions that may help you provide details:

a. Did the story excite you?

b. How did it make you feel? Did it make you laugh? Or did it make you cry?

c. Cite a scene that you think was written well. It may be a sad scene, joyous one, tense scene or a mysterious one.

d. What particularly was your favorite part of the book? Why that?

e. Who amongst the characters is your favorite? Did he or she feel real to you?

Through these questions, these will help you remember your thoughts and feelings when you read the book and how the story was told.


3. Discuss what you disliked about the book.

Of course, readers will also be curious what are the downsides of that story or that particular book. Give them an idea as well, to set their expectations. Tell them what didn’t work for you. It may be any of the following:


a. The ending – you may mention that it was instead hanging, and you wished it was not written or structured that way.

b. The theme – you may inform them it was rather frustrating than interesting.

c. The title – it may not have fitted the story well.

d. The characters – there may be characters that you think were not useful on the story, you may share that to them.


4. Summary and Rating

Never forget to mention which type of reader does this book suit best and rate the book as you wish, with 1 to 5, and 5 as highest.

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