In every aspect of marketing, reviews are essential – so do with books. Reviews are highly appreciated. These reviews only prove that these books are nonetheless marketable, engaging and lastly, worthy of readers’ time. These book review blogs provide an essential service to writers who want to promote their books. Today, we will tackle the different ways of approaching these professional “paid” readers.

These days, authors have been working collaboratively with book bloggers. This has become a necessity prior to releasing a certain book. Sometimes, the details of the fan meet (book tour) and the online discussions are found or announced on those blog sites they hire. These techniques are being utilized by both self-publishing and traditional publishing authors. They have both embraced this new form of publicity.

However, some of these authors do not know how to properly approach these bloggers. These authors must know how these bloggers work. And now, we will discuss what these authors will have to consider before they submit a review request to these bloggers:

Others may see this as a form of bribery, but preparing giveaways for your readers is one way to catch their attention. This then creates ruckus; where there is abuzz, there is excitement. This is what gives them something to look forward to.

Authors must not take these as payments, instead, a form of asset. Invest on your readers or bloggers, just how you invested on your books. Say, you must give it your all.

However, this all depends on the author’s discretion. He or she may decide not to give. The only consolation they can provide is to seriously take their book blogs and their readers – this is what’s more important above anything else.

Some of the book bloggers find it easier to focus on one genre or subgenre. These authors must be mindful of these as these book review bloggers indicate such on their “About” or “Submissions” page. This narrowing-down gives the bloggers an easy way to connect to their avid readers or followers, and allows them to build a fanbase quicker. Authors must keep in mind that these bloggers are serving more their fans, than them.

Other authors sometimes opt not to hire a tour company and rather, choose to send cold pitches as their book reviews. There is no problem with that as it is considered as usual. It is already professionally acceptable to solicit reviews for yourself.

Be enthusiastic when you speak of your book to people who have no idea what it is all about, in the first place. Pinpoint what people may like about your book, and it would be better if you could reference a similar post or book review that blog has covered. Just remember, don’t be stiff when you pitch.

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