Reed Davenport, whose family owns the oil spill cleanup giant, Crude Technologies, encounters a tragedy at sea that will change his life forever. After two ships collide, he stumbles on a sophisticated human trafficking ring, who are exploiting children. He becomes a bastion for the innocent, taking the fight to them, and in the process, unveils truths about his own family.

The first part of the Davenport Series opens readers to a whole new adventure that reeks of action, mystery, and environmentalism. It’s a different take on an adventure-based literature, as it tugs on the heartstrings and taps into not only the concerns of society’s children but the environment. After reading this, you can expect to be left wanting more.

Diffley impresses by interjecting social concerns into a journey well-written and well-paced that it would want readers to imagine the story being featured on a screen.


Winner of “Best in Action.”

Revenge takes center stage as Kalib Akmalit—a master tactician—comes after the Davenports in the second installment of Brett Diffley’s award winning Davenport series. The outcome will leave Reed and his family reeling; their lives forever changed.

Perhaps one of the greatest thrills for an author is finding the right mix of genres —one that will not confuse his readers into oblivion, one that will engage his readers from the moment they open the book until they flip it closed. Even the greatest of writers do not find this job easy; surprisingly though, Diffley manages to make it appear that he actually had a good time weaving the chapters together. The flow of his writing is so fluid that readers find themselves gliding into the story as it goes through various developments — even exploring different genres along the way.

That’s talent beyond skill that not a lot of writers possess. Fortunately, Diffley is blessed with this. You will remember the way he unravels the revelations in Perfect Plan II, because he does it like no one else can — wittingly and precisely.

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