The award winning series continues…

We’ve all been wired by various experiences at different points in our lives. These move us to where we are now. Our past, led us to where we are today. Sometimes, however, the past ought not to be forgotten. It can haunt us to the very day. Following Black Tide, Brett Diffley emerges with another thrilling take on an adventure in Black Dawn.

Black Dawn follows Tom Spears, who is tracking his wife’s kidnapper from Washington State all the way to New York. His quest becomes even more difficult when he comes face to face with a notorious killer from his very own past. This, however, is just one of the multiple plot twists that keeps the reader riveted to the storyline.

Mystery by mystery, truths unfold, stories are unraveled. That’s the formula Brett Diffley seems to be picking up in most of his novels. Tricky as it may seem, Diffley knows when to let surprises explode, and when to hold them back. What excites a reader about this particular novel, however, is not just the number of twists in the story, but the fact that the story itself is a play in one’s head. It is a visual masterpiece worthy of screen time, whether that be on the actual big screen, or in one’s vivid imagination.

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