Not a lot of people have the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding Mother Nature, or to address issues that surround the planet today. There are, however, those who have the courage to do just that, considering the state of most of our planet’s resources at present. Brett Diffley’s Safe Passage is one of those […]


The award winning series continues… We’ve all been wired by various experiences at different points in our lives. These move us to where we are now. Our past, led us to where we are today. Sometimes, however, the past ought not to be forgotten. It can haunt us to the very day. Following Black Tide, […]


Winner of “Best in Adventure.” Ever heard of the Black Plague? Ever wondered if there’s a possibility that a disease of that nature could resurface on the earth again? The Coronavirus and SARS are examples of this potential crisis. Of course, those aren’t near as deadly as the bubonic plague that swept across the world […]

Tips for Successful Blogging to Promote Your Book

These blogs can serve many purposes. Blogging has become an effective tool which is beneficial to aid writers or authors better communicate and reach their readers in an affordable way. Regardless of what book you are promoting; whether it is a historical novel, a book of poetry, memoir, or instructional – let these blogs do […]

Tips and Advice for Book Bloggers

Creating a blog is not easy; it is somehow a game of trial and error. There are a lot to learn in this industry, often in a tough and circuitous way. When you have just started your blog, your go-to source would likely be the internet, first thing to go to is Google wherein you […]