Winner of “Best in Adventure.”

Ever heard of the Black Plague? Ever wondered if there’s a possibility that a disease of that nature could resurface on the earth again? The Coronavirus and SARS are examples of this potential crisis. Of course, those aren’t near as deadly as the bubonic plague that swept across the world in the mid-1300s, but that’s not the point. In the third installment of the Davenport Series, author Brett Diffley opens those possibilities by incorporating them into a well-written, fictional account that will leave readers off their seats.

In Black Tide, Reed Davenport is on a ride against time after stumbling across a mysterious black torpedo, and then learning the World War II weapon was the first bioweapon ever built—its aim, to destroy life as we know it. Diffley takes calculated risks in this novel as he enthralls readers, taking them from one journey to another, crisscrossing each of them with tiny strings that connect them perfectly, but loosely at the same time. There is no question that Diffley is an extraordinary writer, as he has proven this in his first two installments of the award winning Davenport Series. The surprises, the plot twists, are all there; thus, making a story that appeals not just to readers, but to imaginative and visual learners, well.

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