These blogs can serve many purposes. Blogging has become an effective tool which is beneficial to aid writers or authors better communicate and reach their readers in an affordable way. Regardless of what book you are promoting; whether it is a historical novel, a book of poetry, memoir, or instructional – let these blogs do their function, to promote and spread awareness about your book and so, the marketability follows.

Here are tips you can successfully use to promote your book:

Adhere to your selected topic. Make sure that the information you are providing to your blog is what you are conveying to your target audience: it must be clear, simple and easily understood but informative. It is okay to share your thoughts about the topic, as long as you’re still on track.

To draw more traffic or people to your blog site, acquaint yourself in using relevant keywords that people would use when searching on the internet. Using unique and interesting titles are vital in order to get more people to your blog. Hence, use those keywords be it on your title or all throughout your blog post.

There are various blogs on the internet, as we know it. Thus, it is better to actively participate and connect with other bloggers. Say, leave valuable comments on other blog pages which you think is related to your topic. On your comment, you can promote your blog by encouraging readers or any interested audience to visit your page too. You can do that by indicating your blog site’s URL. Hence, this drive increases more traffic to your page.

To be able to connect to your readers to a more personal level, you can start by introducing yourself to them. It may not be detailed. What’s important is, to inform them of what you are doing (with your blog) and what they should expect.

Interact or engage your readers in your posts. After every post, ask them of their opinion about the topic and inform them that any forms of criticism are welcome. These feedback are not only helpful to your betterment, it is also a form of encouragement to your readers that their voice matters, too. Lastly, it is good to tell them that you appreciate their time and effort in visiting and patronizing your blog.

It is common that one wants to maintain their SEO ranking, hence best to post frequently. Post any updates about your book on your blog, this gives readers the idea to visit your blog often to check for any new information or new book.

To sum up everything, you started blogging because you want to promote and encourage everyone to grab copy of your book(s). Master these steps and you’ll reach your target market/sales.

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