Creating a blog is not easy; it is somehow a game of trial and error. There are a lot to learn in this industry, often in a tough and circuitous way. When you have just started your blog, your go-to source would likely be the internet, first thing to go to is Google wherein you look for tips on how to start a book blog or advice on how to become a book blogger. Oftentimes, you hardly find any relevant information about it – so today, allow me to share to you what are there to learn and how to get through that stage.

In less than a year, if you are equipped with the right resources: be it physically, mentally or financially – your blog can go from bite size to a huge one, so will your writing career. Having an established (book) blog could open a doorway to different writing opportunities, could give you access to in-demand advanced book copies, and could give you authorities on the subjects of books. Just a disclaimer, these may or may not work to some, depends on users’ interpretation.

The first tip I can share is – treat every post as if it is a writing sample. You may start by fiddling with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and observe what book topics people read nowadays. Leverage from that, and start working on your contents. Create contents as if you were already writing for a prestigious magazine or a famous blog site that you see yourself working with. Every writing work requires sample content, or a portfolio people can refer to – consider your blog as one. Share and discuss about books you have read, point out the sides that others haven’t. Look for an advantage. Also, it is wise to have a friend or colleague visit your blog from time to time to provide you with sound advice on which to improve and constructive criticisms.

Next, avoid being burnt out. You can do so by scheduling your contents. There will come a time where you will run out of ideas to post, you’re going to get tired of reading and you’re going to deal with blogging slump. This usually happens when you are so focused on one point, that you have already exhausted all your ideas to it leaving you with none. The only key is to fight the urge to over-post by scheduling. You may refer to Regina Anaejionu’s blog which contains tons of worksheets and lessons for book bloggers to learn from.

Lastly, you must understand the difference between reading comprehension and writing about reading paradigm. Aspiring book bloggers and professional bloggers, you must read and understand what the book is all about for you to write informative contents, and not just write for the sake of having to share what you have read. There’s the difference. Make reading your passion, and everything follows.

So there you go, good luck and please share any ideas you have.

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