Not a lot of people have the opportunity to voice their concerns regarding Mother Nature, or to address issues that surround the planet today. There are, however, those who have the courage to do just that, considering the state of most of our planet’s resources at present. Brett Diffley’s Safe Passage is one of those messages that needs to be heard.

Safe Passage is the fifth installment of the award winning Davenport series. What starts off to be an oil-cleanup operation in the Arctic Ocean, eventually turns south when they are attacked by pirates and pushed to their very limits to survive. Not surprising, and like its predecessors, Safe Passage delivers in another well-written, adventure-mystery. Its inspiring message is delivered. Loud and clear. Our climate, ever changing as it is, ought to be paid more attention too. This book is a fun read, but will also make you think, and perhaps reflect on the growing condition of the world we live.

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